Saturday, May 29, 2010

future summit keynote

On may 24, I gave a keynote lecture at the 2010 ADC Future Summit. The title of my talk was "The promises of neuroscience". I discussed some of the work we are doing with my colleagues at the Cognitive Psychology Lab (Université de Provence) and Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences (Florida Atlantic University) on social coordination dynamics of brain and behavior, how they can be used in public policy. I also discussed some of the work we are doing at the "Neuroscience and public policy" programme of the Center for Strategic Analysis of the Prime Minister of France (including our most recent report on how behavioral and brain sciences can improve public health prevention, here).

Friday, May 28, 2010

business spectator interview

An interview, we did right after my keynote speech at the Australian Davos Connection's Future Summit, on may 24, 2010 in Melbourne (Australia). We discuss behavioral and neuroeconomics, the global financial crisis, emorationality and how neuroscience can improve public health prevention.

Full story in Business Spectator here

Thursday, May 27, 2010

ADC's future summit

From May 23 to 26 I was in Melbourne to attend the Australian Davos Connection's 2010 Future Summit. This summit is like nothing we have in France, unfortunately. Imagine hundreds of people addressing key issues to a country's Future through keynote lectures, concurrent sessions and nightcap discussions. Lots of interactions and open mindedness. I had a fantastic time.

Chairman Michael Roux invited me to give a keynote speech about the work we are doing on neuroscience and public policy. I will talk more a bout that in a different post.

Monday, May 24, 2010

computations, decisions and movement workshop

Before the Future Summit in Melbourne, I attended the Computations, Decisions and Movement workshop in Giessen (Germany) to present a poster of our latest experiment mixing social coordination dynamics and neuroeconomics. The event was organized by Nathaniel Daw and Julia Tommershäuser and included Paul Glimcher, Konrad Körding, Peter Dayan and Elke Weber to name only a few of the speakers. It was also good to finally meet Jörn Diedrichsen in person after years of reading each other's papers and to catch up with Richard Ivry
The workshop was very interesting as it allowed me to discuss with people on top of sensorimotor and decision neuroscience. Lots of great discussions and interactions. Workshop details here and pictures here.